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SPAL Automotive is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality electric fans and blowers for all types of vehicles and equipment. The company was founded in Italy in 1959, and have been designing, producing and supplying high-performance axial fans for over 30 years. SPAL fans are available for automotive, bus, truck, off-highway, construction and powersport applications.

SPAL fans are used to cool radiators, oil and transmission coolers, condensers, evaporators, heaters, charge air coolers and batteries. The fans supplied by Adrad meet OE quality and are designed to support professional and amateur racing, motorsport and DIY applications.

SPAL fan motors are completely sealed to prevent dust or condensation reducing the fan longevity or performance. Every product is subject to rigorous testing to meet internationally recognised quality standard ISO9001:2008 and ISO 12001:2015 certification. SPAL fans are designed using the latest design expertise simulations to optimise airflow performance.

With a focus on research and development, SPAL use innovation and advanced technology and quality to supply the most demanding markets with a product developed completely from the idea to manufacture. From the raw materials to moulding plastic components and fabrication of the electric motor, all steps in the manufacturing process are carried out in the Correggio manufacturing facility. This high level of vertical integration enables quality control at every step.

SPAL’s products are designed to be reliable and efficient, reducing vehicle emissions and consumption. With lifespans of over 30,000 hours, and low noise and vibration these fans will exceed your performance expectations.

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